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D.M.E Production


D.M.E Productions is currently working on providing the best Action Packed, Drama, and Live-Action movies in the industry. Our Film Department does not have a limit to the success that will come from our highly qualified and motivated team.

Talk/Reality Shows

Our Production Team has a first class truth about speaking their mind. Our Production Team provides an

excellent amount of truth to show the audience the real in reality.

Comic Books

Our Animation team is a talented and hard working team that decided to bring our Comic Book Department to life. We Used a variety of software tools to express a live-action shot ,but with a Comic book attitude. Comic book live has the ability to transition into a Live-Action Movie that will eventually be a box office hit.


Our Music Production Team has the capability to utilize any music software to generate the most unique sounds of this generation. We specialize in creating the best overall sounds to fit our production needs,


Our "Animation Cartoon Department" is a team of experienced animators with the drive to deliver the best animated work in the industry.Our team has worked with animators from  "Pixar", "Disney", and "Dreamworks". Our Animation Cartoon Department will not be limited to just one style of Animation. We will focus on Action, drama,Live-Action, and much more.


D.M.E Production is not just limited to a specific task. We will continue to grow and develop to expand our reach in every industry. Our Entrepreneur framework has no limits.

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